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APPEARANCE – Chocolate should be flawless evenly coloured and a deep shade of mahogany or red. Black,is not necessarily an indicator of a good chocolate,it tends to indicate that the beans have been over-roasted.There should be no cracks or air pockets,streaks or sugar blom.

AROMA – the chocolate should smell good as you unwrap it with a complex fragrance.It should be sweetly fragrance but not overpowering.You could detect vanilla,berry,caramel,roasted nuts.It is bad to have no smell at all.If  you can’t smell,you can’t taste.BURNT,MOSTLY,CHEMICALLY OR MEDICINE IS NOT GOOD.

SOUND(I love that sound!!!) -Take a piece and break it. It should snap cleanly,if it splinters or crumbles THAT’S NOT GOOD.

TOUCH – It should feel silky and not sticky and should just begin to yield to the warmth of your finger.

FLAVOR – Essentially chocolate is going to be bittersweet,fruit and spice with a good balance of acidity and should be subtle rather than overpowering.

MOUTHFEEL – Most taste buds are on the front of the tongue which is where you should start tasting the chocolate.If it doesn’t start to melt straight away this is probably a sing of poor quality.The texture should be smooth and buttery,gently dissolving into a creamy liquid filling the mouth with its complexity of flavours.  WOW !!!!  A GOOD CHOCOLATE! It must not be GRAINY or GLUEY. If it’s  WAXY or CLACKY it sometimes means the cocoa butter has been replaced with vegetable fat and it is not real chocolate.

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