Tradition is…


Already talked about  wedding anniversary and traditional gifts. Today let’s talk about flowers . HUSBANDS on the day of the wedding anniversary,offer your wives,the right flowers. If you want to make a dinner on the day of their wedding anniversary at home,can follow the list.   1ST – Carnation ,2nd- Lily of the valley , 3rd- Sunflower, 4th- hydrangea , 5th- Daisy, 6th -Calla, 7th- Freesia,8th – Lilac , 9th – Bird of paradise , 10th – Daffodil, 11th- Tulip, 12th- Peony,13th- Chrysanthemum, 14th- Dahlia, 15th – Rose, 20th – Aster, 25th- Iris, 28th- Orchid, 30th- Lily, 40th- Gladiolus, 50th- Yellow rose or violet.


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