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“A people without knowledge.Salient its historic past,origin and culture.Its like a tree without roots.” Bob marley.

The couple is descended  from Koreans. Some traditions were maintained. Like hitting with wood in feet, is a fun to raise money for the newlyweds.Traditional clothing that were worn by family members and many other  traditions that re hard to show all. Was a mixed marriage of traditions. I love cultural weddings. Learn so much when we engage in the culture of  other peoples.


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I like the “boldness”  of this couple! They  do not want to know the day  21/12/2012 hahahaha!  Was an intimate ceremony, a little lunch. sweet Brigadeiros  were present  at this wedding.
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Looked  like a garden.Full of plants ,flowers ,all very green and colourful. Houses for birds, butterflies, giant mushrooms and balloons pink and white. The sweets Brigadeiros were all made  in the shape and colour  of bees, pathos, frogs. Everything to welcome a beautiful baby girl .
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Awards thank you! I want to thank you, Lexa.S. The person who was kind enough to send me this nomination! It feels so good to be appreciate! thank you again for this opportunity.  See these wonderful blogs:




,ahhhh are many blogs and there are many more!! hahaha. I hope you enjoy!!!


Dinner began with a lesson on how to make cocktails. The bartenders taught and guests make their own cocktails. As the party  was about cocktails,  had  Port wine brigadeiro, Bailey’s brigadeiro, amaretto brigadeiro and traditional. Everything to match the decor and party!!

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Is good to be invited for weddings  with imagination! This marriage  was a talented decorator events(Clarisse . R.) .She  did all  the decoration  of their own  marriage and pampered guests. She married in the church where  the  Jon Bon  Jovi  married. After the ceremony , dinner was in Johnny Rockets. With cheeseburguers,chips and jukebox with music  from fifties and  sixties. The party continued at the hotel Skyloft  Suit 30.  Opera binoculars the guests to see the city of  Las Vegas.Had cigar bar,table with original Cuba ,where the cigars were rolled at time. Make-up table  and  each guests won the chanel lipstick,perfume samples etc..  ahhh  Each  guest had some shoes and a small bag for the party.The sweet table ,wedding cake and Brigadeirossss. Summary : A party was very beautiful and full of surprises.001002004003006005007008009010011012014017015016018020019021023022025024026028027030032031033035037036034038

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