Tradition is…


I love,love this wedding!!! I am very happy to see different weddings. The bride’s kimono ,was inspired by the clothing of the nobles of the middle ages. Weighs  more than 15 kg. Yoshi’s  parents were married to the same kimono in Japan more than 30 years. They say the Kimonos  are very expensive, exceeds the value of a good car!!!  The ceremony  was full of rituals. The bride and groom drink  sake,represents the union of the gods with men.

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4 thoughts on “JAPANESE WEDDING BUDDHIST HBS- (Honmon butsuryu shu)

  1. Had no idea that kimonos were so expensive! Very different but beautiful in it’s simplicity wedding.

  2. Really beautiful wedding, wonderful photography!

  3. ¡Que boda tan bonita!, lo que desde luego tampoco sabía era el precio de los kimonos, ¡lo mismo que cuesta celebrar una boda aquí en España!!

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