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According  to the jewish calendar ,Haggadah  Pessach in 2013 celebrates on March 25.  Easter or pessach in Hebrew ,is a celebration of freedom in celebrating  the liberation of  Israel from Egyptian bondage. Was a dinner full rituals , I found it very interesting! One day before the whole house was examined ,the demand for food  containing  yeast. For one week ,Matzot(unleavened bread) and pancakes, puddings made from ingredients no-leavened ,replace the bread. The main  table where did all the rituals  was  decorated with boiled eggs,apples and walnuts,in beautiful towels.  Raises a glass for each ,for the  ritual for “the four sips of wine”, symbol of joy! The ceremony is essentially to tell the story of the exodus (Bible)Using various symbols to illustrate and dramatize the stories.The boiled egg that are on the table , is a symbol of the existence of Israel optimistic affirmation of the sanctity of life. The eggs are dipped in saltwater to express solidarity with bitter fate  of  ancestry. The apples and walnuts represent the family ,the “mortar” used by the Hebrew slaves in the construction of cities for pharaohs. Very different from modern Christan Easter!!!  After all the rituals performed ,all guests can sample the delights ,each one better than another. KOSHER BRIGADEIROS  in different format  and tastes! Small chocolate candy filled with BRIGADEIRO and chocolate cake stuffed with BRIGADEIROS.  I really enjoyed this party and learn so much about another culture.
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