Tradition is…


These cakes are fantastic ,I felt like I was in  an exhibition of art. The store has the smell of chocolate in the air ,all cakes are made with chocolate. I love the decor of the shop! the cakes are not only beautiful on the outside ,inside are HUMMMM  delicious.  A slice of cake on the plate for testing ,is  lemon cake with white and dark  chocolate sauce with dripping red berries sauce, UNREAL!!!  I recommend that anyone living in London or around ,should go to this paradise of chocolate  is  in the heart  of   SOHO.

choccywoccydoodah_05_06 choccywoccydoodah_03_04 choccywoccydoodah_07_08 choccywoccydoodah_11_12 choccywoccydoodah_09_10 choccywoccydoodah_17 choccywoccydoodah_13_14 choccywoccydoodah_19 choccywoccydoodah_18 choccywoccydoodah_21 choccywoccydoodah_20 choccywoccydoodah_22

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