Tradition is…


001Here’s  one of my recipes that is present  in most  of the  marriages parties and other events.  Today I share with you.                                                                                    APRICOT  WITH GOAT CHEESE AND PISTACHIOS

prep time : 15 mins

200 g  dried apricot

100 g chopped pistachios

120 g goat cheese


Make a small cut in dried apricots.Make the cut without separating the dried  apricot  into two parts. Put the goat cheese in a bowl  and gently mash the cheese. Fill the dried apricots with cheese. Finally, pass the apricots by the chopped pistachios.

Now, enjoy!


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9 thoughts on “SWEET AND SALTY

  1. This looks so good. Saving this recipe now! 😀

  2. Look at that gorgeous serving platter ! And awesome, easy recipe 🙂

  3. Ooh, yum! Love the combo of flavors; thanks for sharing! =)

  4. I never thought to combine apricots and pistachios. I saved this recipe to try this weekend for breakfast after the Kentucky Derby. Thanks!

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