Tradition is…


I love the photograph of  EVERTON ROSA !  SALZBURG  is in Austria! It is very cold hahaha, but the mountains, nature so green outweigh the rain!  Yara and Petter made a traditional dinner for “Bachelorette”,  party with family. I liked the clothes that all guests had to wear!

EVE_0002 EVE_0011 EVE_0014 EVE_0020 EVE_0040 EVE_0042 EVE_0052 EVE_0080 EVE_00101 EVE_0140 EVE_0148 EVE_0189 EVE_0198 EVE_0199 EVE_0282


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4 thoughts on “GO TO SALZBURG …

  1. Beautiful. I love the photo with all the umbrellas.

  2. Awesome photos and them. That place is beautiful!

  3. Thanks a ton for sharing those lovely, joyful, beautiful photos 🙂 Lady with the umbrella looks stunning !

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