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I learned to make this cake with Leonor de Sousa Bastos (Flagrante delicia) . Today is one of the favorite cakes of events.  This cake is very good, believe me !


125g melted butter

70g honey

100g of dark chocolate 70% cocoa

100g of milk chocolate

1 egg ,beaten

70g digestive biscuits

50g whole hazelnuts ,toasted

50g  dry cranberries


Grease and line with parchment paper a form of 20 x 8 cm .

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Add the butter. After the chocolate is well melted draws the fire.  Add the honey and mix well. Add the egg mixture to the hot ,whipping away. Mix hazelnuts, cranberries and digestive biscuits broken into large pieces. Pour the mixture into the shape and refrigerate at least 4 hours or until firm.

Unmold and serve very cold.

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The cake is all white ,the child can become a genuine picasso!! I think the kids will find it super fun! They can draw and paint the own cake and of course their friends can help. We also can have this cake on our birthday and we can turn some lovely artists in front of our friends and guests! I love people who have new ideas ! Can find more gorgeous cakes in blog sweetapolita.

001 sweetapolitacake sweetapolitacake2


Birthday of a little  girl who did one year!One decoration full of  charm with the theme  of Snow White.The story of Snow White was recreated at a table with apples ,animals,sweets of the seven dwarfs  and beautiful flowers!!  I enjoyed the cake! Very beautiful and well decorated with all the details. Gorgeous birthday,constance zahn.

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Chocolate  cake  in  the  shape of heart, stuffed with sweet brigadeiro. A REAL  TEMPTATION! Beautiful Brigaderia.

1805 1810 1820 1821 1823 1848


Was the birthday of a girl who turned  60 . Lunch only for “girls”  and  family. With flowers in decoration to remember the spring. Fruity cake and sweet brigadeiros were beautiful  in decoration mediterranean Constance zahn.

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Alexandria  Pellegrino     and  pastry  chef  Jessica Smith ,they are signing  these artistic cakes,true works of art that overflows with imagination.  Alexandria Pellegrino  founded Cake Opera Co. in 2007  and since then has received “international praise  as one of the industry’s  leading  cake designers.She is the recipient of several awards including two gold medals on Food Network  Challenge”. I find incredible  and their work and would like to try the cakes. Is amazing  to see their work.

cake_opera_3 002 cake_opera_1



Maggie Austin  was a ballerina of classic  ballet, today it is one cake designer  ,one of the most sophisticated. She decorates her cakes in a perfection on movement and lightness. As if she is mixed  their cakes to dance ,art and all beautiful things to be enjoyed. Her work is a true joy to my eyes.

bolos_ballet_01 bolos_ballet_02 bolos_ballet_03 bolos_ballet_04 bolos_ballet_05 bolos_ballet_06 bolos_ballet_07 bolos_ballet_08 bolos_ballet_09 bolos_ballet_10 bolos_ballet_11



Temari cake is a real sweet art!! In Japan temari balls are made by the mothers and grandmothers ,for the children play,were made with leftovers from old kimonos. Over the years their embroideries were considered a kind of art. Today who receives a temari ball as a gift,means luck and a long happy life. The artist  Maki Searle  ( MAKI’S  CAKE) , was inspired by the temari balls ,turning them into beautiful mini cakes .Can be used in wedding parties ,as gifts for the guests to take home.I really like the flavor of each mini cakes ,they are  wonderful!  The atelier of Maki’s  cake is in  SURREY .As you can see by the photos I was presented with several to taste!!!!!

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These cakes are fantastic ,I felt like I was in  an exhibition of art. The store has the smell of chocolate in the air ,all cakes are made with chocolate. I love the decor of the shop! the cakes are not only beautiful on the outside ,inside are HUMMMM  delicious.  A slice of cake on the plate for testing ,is  lemon cake with white and dark  chocolate sauce with dripping red berries sauce, UNREAL!!!  I recommend that anyone living in London or around ,should go to this paradise of chocolate  is  in the heart  of   SOHO.

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