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The decoration was very beautiful ,fresh and English.  photos: Nicole Paulson.


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These cakes are fantastic ,I felt like I was in  an exhibition of art. The store has the smell of chocolate in the air ,all cakes are made with chocolate. I love the decor of the shop! the cakes are not only beautiful on the outside ,inside are HUMMMM  delicious.  A slice of cake on the plate for testing ,is  lemon cake with white and dark  chocolate sauce with dripping red berries sauce, UNREAL!!!  I recommend that anyone living in London or around ,should go to this paradise of chocolate  is  in the heart  of   SOHO.

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Is good to be invited for weddings  with imagination! This marriage  was a talented decorator events(Clarisse . R.) .She  did all  the decoration  of their own  marriage and pampered guests. She married in the church where  the  Jon Bon  Jovi  married. After the ceremony , dinner was in Johnny Rockets. With cheeseburguers,chips and jukebox with music  from fifties and  sixties. The party continued at the hotel Skyloft  Suit 30.  Opera binoculars the guests to see the city of  Las Vegas.Had cigar bar,table with original Cuba ,where the cigars were rolled at time. Make-up table  and  each guests won the chanel lipstick,perfume samples etc..  ahhh  Each  guest had some shoes and a small bag for the party.The sweet table ,wedding cake and Brigadeirossss. Summary : A party was very beautiful and full of surprises.001002004003006005007008009010011012014017015016018020019021023022025024026028027030032031033035037036034038

Festive weekend… RETRO BIRTHDAY

Everyone likes to make their celebrations  over the weekend! People feel more relaxed  and happy. I started helping people become more happier  with my sweet brigadeiro on FRIDAY. I have orders all week but the weekend  is more busy! Begins on friday! I feel  happy because I work and  have fun. THIS PARTY WAS VERY WELL DECORATED.  TABLES  ,FLOWERS,FOOD, UNTIL THE PAPER DOOLS OF DIOR AND CHANEL OF THE 20S. WITH  THE PRESENCE  OF BARTENDERS AND DRINKS OF SEASON.   THE DRINKS DECORATED WITH BUTTONS. ALL THE GUESTS WERE DRESSED IN THE FASHION OF THE 20S!  Clarissa Resende

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