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Today I will share another recipe with chocolate. This mousse is chocolate heaven! I do a lot for events ,weddings, dinners.



180 g  sugar

600 ml  cold double cream

60 g butter

170 g  good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) chopped into small pieces.

3 tablespoons good quality  cocoa powder ,plus  extra  for dusting .



In a large bowl ,whisk the double cream until it becomes soft and very firm. Transfer to the fridge to chill.   Caramelize the sugar(180g)   dry without water!! In saucepan on medium heat. Only the sugar!! Stir with a spoon until resulting caramel attains medium to dark tan color, without burning!  Add  immediately, the butter and 4 tablespoons of  chilled double cream  and mix well. Pour the caramel to slightly over chocolate, stirring gently until all the chocolate has melted. Let the cream cool down 45°C.  room temperature. Will be mixing the rest of the double cream slowly, so hat the cream does not lose volume!   pour the mixture into a serving individual  bowl cover with cling film and transfer to the  fridge for an hour or two until set. Just before you’re ready to serve, give the mousse a lovely dusting of cocoa.  This mousse is delicious! Chocolate with caramel make a beautiful wedding!


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I love the photograph of  EVERTON ROSA !  SALZBURG  is in Austria! It is very cold hahaha, but the mountains, nature so green outweigh the rain!  Yara and Petter made a traditional dinner for “Bachelorette”,  party with family. I liked the clothes that all guests had to wear!

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This marriage in Israel is interesting! I really like the pictures  of photographer” Everton Rosa”. I follow his work!  Jewish marriage is the full meaning and traditions! These newlyweds decided to do two parties in different  countries!  One of them was in Israel,was a small party!

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The cake is all white ,the child can become a genuine picasso!! I think the kids will find it super fun! They can draw and paint the own cake and of course their friends can help. We also can have this cake on our birthday and we can turn some lovely artists in front of our friends and guests! I love people who have new ideas ! Can find more gorgeous cakes in blog sweetapolita.

001 sweetapolitacake sweetapolitacake2


Birthday of a little  girl who did one year!One decoration full of  charm with the theme  of Snow White.The story of Snow White was recreated at a table with apples ,animals,sweets of the seven dwarfs  and beautiful flowers!!  I enjoyed the cake! Very beautiful and well decorated with all the details. Gorgeous birthday,constance zahn.

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These flowers are hand made, handcraft way. Are made of paper or fabric.001 002 003 04 005 006 007 008 009


Chocolate  cake  in  the  shape of heart, stuffed with sweet brigadeiro. A REAL  TEMPTATION! Beautiful Brigaderia.

1805 1810 1820 1821 1823 1848


The decoration was very beautiful ,fresh and English.  photos: Nicole Paulson.


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Maggie Austin  was a ballerina of classic  ballet, today it is one cake designer  ,one of the most sophisticated. She decorates her cakes in a perfection on movement and lightness. As if she is mixed  their cakes to dance ,art and all beautiful things to be enjoyed. Her work is a true joy to my eyes.

bolos_ballet_01 bolos_ballet_02 bolos_ballet_03 bolos_ballet_04 bolos_ballet_05 bolos_ballet_06 bolos_ballet_07 bolos_ballet_08 bolos_ballet_09 bolos_ballet_10 bolos_ballet_11



Temari cake is a real sweet art!! In Japan temari balls are made by the mothers and grandmothers ,for the children play,were made with leftovers from old kimonos. Over the years their embroideries were considered a kind of art. Today who receives a temari ball as a gift,means luck and a long happy life. The artist  Maki Searle  ( MAKI’S  CAKE) , was inspired by the temari balls ,turning them into beautiful mini cakes .Can be used in wedding parties ,as gifts for the guests to take home.I really like the flavor of each mini cakes ,they are  wonderful!  The atelier of Maki’s  cake is in  SURREY .As you can see by the photos I was presented with several to taste!!!!!

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011


I like the “boldness”  of this couple! They  do not want to know the day  21/12/2012 hahahaha!  Was an intimate ceremony, a little lunch. sweet Brigadeiros  were present  at this wedding.
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Looked  like a garden.Full of plants ,flowers ,all very green and colourful. Houses for birds, butterflies, giant mushrooms and balloons pink and white. The sweets Brigadeiros were all made  in the shape and colour  of bees, pathos, frogs. Everything to welcome a beautiful baby girl .
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Dinner began with a lesson on how to make cocktails. The bartenders taught and guests make their own cocktails. As the party  was about cocktails,  had  Port wine brigadeiro, Bailey’s brigadeiro, amaretto brigadeiro and traditional. Everything to match the decor and party!!

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Is good to be invited for weddings  with imagination! This marriage  was a talented decorator events(Clarisse . R.) .She  did all  the decoration  of their own  marriage and pampered guests. She married in the church where  the  Jon Bon  Jovi  married. After the ceremony , dinner was in Johnny Rockets. With cheeseburguers,chips and jukebox with music  from fifties and  sixties. The party continued at the hotel Skyloft  Suit 30.  Opera binoculars the guests to see the city of  Las Vegas.Had cigar bar,table with original Cuba ,where the cigars were rolled at time. Make-up table  and  each guests won the chanel lipstick,perfume samples etc..  ahhh  Each  guest had some shoes and a small bag for the party.The sweet table ,wedding cake and Brigadeirossss. Summary : A party was very beautiful and full of surprises.001002004003006005007008009010011012014017015016018020019021023022025024026028027030032031033035037036034038


Hanpshire is within  the England. The bride is Scottish and the groom is North American.Was a wedding held in the rain and with “a bit of sun in the morning”, some guests had hot water bags to warm up hahahahah.Was cold!!! The church’s traditional fine century XIII, with a cemetery in front of church. Was decorated  with white flowers. During the ceremony the couple made more symbolism, washing the feet of one another.As the way to show love,honor and submission. The party had many traditional dishes, SWEET BRIGADEIROS, traditional dance,hornpipe. A simple wedding, beautiful and cultural…

Festive weekend… RETRO BIRTHDAY

Everyone likes to make their celebrations  over the weekend! People feel more relaxed  and happy. I started helping people become more happier  with my sweet brigadeiro on FRIDAY. I have orders all week but the weekend  is more busy! Begins on friday! I feel  happy because I work and  have fun. THIS PARTY WAS VERY WELL DECORATED.  TABLES  ,FLOWERS,FOOD, UNTIL THE PAPER DOOLS OF DIOR AND CHANEL OF THE 20S. WITH  THE PRESENCE  OF BARTENDERS AND DRINKS OF SEASON.   THE DRINKS DECORATED WITH BUTTONS. ALL THE GUESTS WERE DRESSED IN THE FASHION OF THE 20S!  Clarissa Resende

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